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Cooked Three Ways: Cauliflower

cauliflower recipe1 This month I’ve been in the mood for one of my favorite veggies: cauliflower! It’s earthy flavor can go in so many directions, but I always like it best roasted or pureed in soups. Here are a few recipes that are on my list. Take your pick! First up is Spicy Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpeas with Cilantro-Garlic Yogurt. Such a nice side dish or salad dinner partner.

cauliflower recipe2

One of my favorite food blogs of late, Will Cook for Friends, has this lovely looking soup in their recipe archive: Cauliflower and Fennel Soup with PistachiosA great recipe to enjoy as the chill seems to be setting in early this year.

cauliflower recipe3Rice paired with cauliflower is one of our favorite ways to do a one-dish meal for dinner. With Roasted Cauliflower, Sage, and Almond Risotto you have the most sophisticated version tuned up with fall flavor. Enjoy!

House Tour: Curated Chic in London

©HenryBourneDesigner Fay Toogood resides in London, and her home, as featured here, was originally published in the New York Times Magazine. The house has a “less is more” quality yet the feel is still luxurious. Tough to do! Let’s look and learn. ©HenryBourne ©HenryBourne 1-by-henry-bourne-nytimes©HenryBourne©HenryBourne©HenryBourne©HenryBourneThis space makes me think about how the way in which I decorate my own home is different from what I create for clients. My personal look is more raw, and I collect and display items that inspire me to keep on creating. These treasured pieces become the substance. Now, here is a space that has that quality of being the space of a creative who surrounds herself with objects that ignite the imagination. The whole thing is tremendously beautiful and aspirational to me as I continue to pull my home together and edit my belongings. Hope you loved it too!

Images via Dustjacket Attic.

Fashion Editorial: From Vogue Mexico September 2014

Alexandra-Martynova-by-Greg-Swales-for-Vogue-Mexico-September-2014-2Fall fashion season is upon us early this year on the East Coast. The weather has been relatively cool. I even cracked out the over-the-knee-boots yesterday. I’m not ready to shop. Definitely not one of those who has her fall wardrobe planned in August. I just got my 6 year old son all geared up for back to school. Now it’s my turn and I’m starting with pure inspiration. I love this editorial I found here, from Vogue Mexico. The architecture, the clothes. Enjoy!

Alexandra-Martynova-by-Greg-Swales-for-Vogue-Mexico-September-2014-3 Alexandra-Martynova-by-Greg-Swales-for-Vogue-Mexico-September-2014-5 Alexandra-Martynova-by-Greg-Swales-for-Vogue-Mexico-September-2014-6 vogue mexico sept 2014Alexandra-Martynova-by-Greg-Swales-for-Vogue-Mexico-September-2014

Design Guide: Foyer Paneling


I was recently doing some research on how to improve the look of foyer paneling for a client, and I turned up a slew of beautiful pictures featuring box paneling that ran 1 to 2 stories high. It is such a beautiful look so I wanted to share the images I found with you.


Paneling was originally used in houses to create better insulation. Now it is a way to set your house apart, or specific rooms in your house apart, as extra special. Foyers need to stand out and they can be difficult to decorate, especially when they are two stories. The walls can seem plain, and hanging art high can seem awkward. Paneling creates the perfect amount of interest in the foyer, as it enhances the architecture.

foyer2Box paneling, in particular, creates a feeling of unification in foyer spaces where bannisters, height, and adjacent rooms may all seem to be fighting for the eye’s attention. It removes the need for extraneous decorative touches and shows a level of investment in a space that always feels luxurious. Stained wood will reference very formal houses–think Downtown Abbey. White will look more open and have that Hampton’s feel. I am particularly smitten with the idea of painted black paneling. It seems very urban, very sexy!

Are any of you looking for a way to spruce up your foyer this fall? Consider enhancing the architecture as well as all the fun pieces of furniture and decor, and let us know if we can help!

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Color Palette: Turquoise to Olive for Early Fall

September Color

I think I must be missing the ocean already! This September watery colors of green are still on my radar. To make them fall ready I like pairing them with olive and stone colors, and maybe a touch of the traditional fall colors. This last image here perhaps best captures these early days of the month where some days you could convince yourself we are still in the throes of summer, all the while shopping for fall coats and boots.

On my end, I have had the busiest summer on record. We had 8 interior projects in progress. In the background, my new textile line was quietly in the works, keeping me up at night with excitement and anticipation! I will be debuting a line of pillows and fabric by the yard in about one month. Preview images should be featured here in about 2 weeks!! Can’t wait. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer!

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