The 2011 Trends in Pictures

My 2011 trends come straight from the trenches, the things I see clients noticing and asking for, the inspirational images they bring, as well as what I notice recurring in the rooms of top designers. More people showed me pictures of Ellen Pompeo’s house, featured in last May’s Elle Decor, than any other. The bohemian and global vibe of this home was relaxed, yet sophisticated with grand architecture. The decor exemplifies 7 of the 10 trends I see for the year: bohemian, global, architectural, use of greenery, spare, large scale art, earthy materials.

Next up, this home below featured in the January 2011 issue of House Beautiful fairly well exemplifies the current Bohemian trend: loads of art and books, artisan textiles, vintage pieces, unconventional seating. But this is a rustic, earthy space to really be lived in too.

The December/January issue of Elle Decor really put the rustic, earthy vibe out there with this country house dining space/library on the cover.

This more refined, “modern country house” featured in Elle Decor this summer was one of my most looked at rooms the second half of last year. It is the first place I saw warmer golden tones, reminiscent of yellow, that felt thoroughly modern. The rooms also show an earthiness in the flooring and stained woodwork in the dining area, which I think is one of the most inspiring rooms of last year.

I already know what will be one of my most coveted house of the year to come. This stunning Florida home by Australian designer Thomas Hamel. The dining room alone would be enough, but the whole house shows a slightly bohemian, worldly direction with emphasis on unusual and very earthy and global architectural detailing. We also see some very beautiful tones of yellow in select furnishings.

Speaking of yellow, the true renaissance of the color hit me hardest when Elle Decor featured this yellow chaise from the house of Dransfield and Ross on its cover. Maps and knick knacks from around the world also give us that worldly vibe I so love in this house with all the architectural detailing one could want.

Finally I looked to some French decor to round out my findings. Maison Francaise backed me up. Bohemian, global, artsy, architectural. The house shown last really exemplified a new color palette direction I see as well. Darker almost murky neutrals accentuated with tonal textiles.

What trends do you see?