lessons from Paris: more than enough

Ah Paris! I needed to be inspired so I planned a week long adventure to Paris along with my 2 guys. As many of you know, Paris does not disappoint. I have just returned home this week and will do a series of posts and pics to share the experience.

If one thing struck me the most as a takeaway from the trip it was this: In life there is more than enough, enough interesting places to go, art, beauty, people and varieties of people, pastries to sample, places to buy bread, coffees to drink, streets to wander, cheese to eat, wine to drink, things to learn.

Of course this is true of Paris, but is it not really true of where you are right now too, if you choose to see and experience it that way? It’s that whole concept of “look at things differently and the things you look at will change.” Paris for me was about learning the concept of “satiated.” You can’t do it all but you can always have more than enough anyway.

This is a view of place de la Concorde. It was only two blocks from the Hotel, but we didn’t really stop to look at it until our last day in Paris.

designer’s notes: Group a variety of vertical objects together for an interesting visual effect.