reads: good to great by jim collins

I love reading business books and memoirs of successful entrepreneurs. I picked up Good to Great by Jim Collins while I was in Chicago and re-read it last week.

I love the idea Collins calls a “Hedgehog Concept,” a central idea that is simple, and guides the decisions and actions of a business consistently, religiously even.

What is interesting, is that a good interior design is similar in that it requires a single concept that dictates the thousand different choices you have to make to put a room together. Not adhering to the central concept for a room or a house can mean a house is good, not great, or worse yet, a complete design disaster!

Like the businesses Collins discusses the key ingredient is discipline. It takes discipline to not meander off concept in interior design. Keeping clients on a clear path towards their design goals and away from the distraction of the hundreds of thousands of other choices out there is one of my key responsibilities.

Can I do that with the business direction too? That is harder for me. We’ll see! I’m working with my team on what our hedgehog concept might be.

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