why i loved burberry prorsum spring 2012

I spent some time digging into the archives of Spring 2012 shows to identify my favorites for the upcoming season. I kick off the spring fashion series with Burberry Prorsum.

Oh how I love thee, Burberry Prorsum.

You are on my list every season.

I wish I could just buy one of everything, and always look so awesome!

This year I loved the color combos. Deep purple with teal. Smoothie green with tangerine! As always, one of my favorite things about Burberry Prorsum is the long lean silhouettes. I am loving the below the knee a-line skirts. And then there are all the textures! They made a trench out of raffia. What interior designer doesn’t NEED one of these?!


why i loved miu miu spring 2012

As an interior designer I am just a “fabrics” girl at heart, and the weight and sheen of the sateens in the Miu Miu show were so lovely. Not to mention the awesome muted color palettes with interesting punches of bright red, turquoise, etc. These outfits were done like rooms, carefully styled to juxtapose velvet with lace and sateen. The prints added interest without being too over the top bold. The off the shoulder capes with a-line skirts felt like an update of a classic silhouette, and the swathe of high midriff made it modern.

places: winter outing for the kids

Aadi wanted to go to New York City for for his 4th birthday recently, so we planned an outing to the new location of the Children’s Museum of the Arts on 103 Charlton Street. We took a few friends for the morning and then took a quick walk up the street to the super delicious Spunto Thin Crust Pizza at 65 Carmine Street. We paid a small fee to bring in cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery with us. The entire thing was just so perfect and fun, and gave the kids a bit more of the city vibe than an in-house party at the museum would have done. We played one of Aadi’s favorite songs on the ride in: Jay-Z and Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind.”