Song of the Week: Money Can’t Buy It

I so love Annie Lennox. This song is my pick for my birthday week. Just love the refrain, “I believe in the power of creation. I believe in the good vibration. I believe in love alone yea yea.” Helps me tap into those good vibes I’m always stretching for. Here’s to another year of living my life as close to the heart as possible. Download the song here. I love the aesthetics of the video too. Super weird and artistic.

Song of the Week: Over the Hills and Far Away

We are a little behind on our blog posts here, but Jill and I are cooking up some good stuff for later this week. In the meantime, it is a new week NOW so there MUST be a new song! I thought I’d keep it easy and just go for the Zeppelin. Whenever I need to feel more alive I find an “open road,” turn this up really loud, and make sure the windows are down. Do I really need to describe why I think this is just about the best song ever? If you don’t own it, download it now here : ). Watch it live here.

“i live for my dreams and a pocketful of gold…”