Brow on the Low: The Avengers

Went to the movies Sunday with my cousin for a little escape from reality. The experience and resulting discussions inspired me to actually start a new blog feature that I’ve been toying with as homage to my pre-design days. My blah, blah on pop culture. Enjoy!


THEMES: Like many  action and superhero movies,  this one plays upon our ongoing fears of the unknown and anxiety about alternative energy sources and the future of life on the planet. As usual the lesson is about coming together across differences to battle a higher danger. I am deeply interested in threads that run through different historical periods to constitute a universal human experience. As such, I especially loved the way each character represented an era and the mindset associated with that era. Wish there had been more exploration into how these complex differences manage to come together.

CHARACTERS: As usual, I always love the villainous ones. Loki had me enraptured from scene one, not because I crave dark elements in my life, but because I am fascinated with complexity and the light side of the dark. Can’t get enough of Iron Man wit either. How sexy is a man who is still a billionaire, philanthropist, and playboy even without his metal suit? The Black Widow definitely held her own, even without super powers. Her keen perceptive abilities and vulnerability were very attractive. She has a great butt too! Thor was all muscle. I just don’t get the whole infatuation. Not that muscle is a bad thing, as long as there is more going on behind the surface.

NARRATIVE: I thought the beginning was quite slow, and since I’m behind on my consumption of superhero movies, I found it a bit hard to get into (was distracted by my 3-D glasses as well until I forgot all about them later on).  The turning point for me was when Loki appeared at the German state dinner or whatever it was. Ah, the intrigue begins. Mixed messages and misunderstandings ensue to make a messy soup until a common purpose hits them all on the head. Then all the characters finally do the things they are naturally supposed to do and they do it very well together.

CINEMATICS: What can I say? Spectacle sure can be fun and it was brilliantly executed. As much fun as it was, I was relieved to take off the goggles at the end. Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer the closer to the skin experience of movies with a more realist aesthetic. Keep an eye out this summer for some recommendations of my all time faves.

OVERALL RATING: 3 raised eyebrows (out of 4)