The Outfit Journal: Cozy Drama

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Mine was truly amazing. My family and friends all had such a great time together. The food turned out really well (special thanks to my husband for this one). We ended up with three table settings to fit everyone. I enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t post. The good news is that I now have a back log of posts for you.

I’m starting with this one. I wore this outfit on Thanksgiving, though the pictures were taken some weeks ago. I thought this outfit captured a rustic glam weekend at the country type of feeling. I love the dress with the cozy sweater, but at Thanksgiving everyone in my family kept asking me why I was wearing a sweater over such a nice dress. I guess not everyone will get our fashion choices, but I’d love your opinion. What do you think?

Photos by Jill Bremner

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