The Ten: Grown-Up Gifts for Boys and Girls

Ahh, the wee ones. They should receive gifts of style too, right? Here are a few items to consider mixing in with the mountain of toys Santa brings. Don’t worry, our last holiday 2012 gift guide will be for the fun things your kids (and you) will enjoy most.

1, 3. Warmth usually outranks style when it comes to winter coats for kids. This year I really want to give my little one a lovely wool coat. He’ll look so cute in it! Here’s the his and hers options I loved best.

2, 9. Grown up looking boots will keep them warm and stylin’. Tiny bits of faux fur will be appreciated. His and hers.

4, 7. I’m a bit tired of bags with superheroes and princesses on them. Preschool days are almost over in my house, so I’m thinking these bags might be cool options. His and hers.

5, 6. A watch for him. A sparkly collar for her. These two accessory gifts will be loved by them too.

8, 10. Clothing styled after grown-up wear is so cute. He’ll like that it’s a baseball sweatshirt. She’ll like that it is pink!

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