The Ten: Chic & Easy Homemade Gifts to Give


Some of you people of style out there might be needing to save a bit this holiday season. Or you might just have some people who you would love to give a gift to, but they are not on your official list. And you might be needing a creative outlet, like us gals in the studio here. These ten homemade gifts really captured my attention this year. I like to make something every holiday season, but I wanted to do something beyond my usual cookies this year. Last weekend I made some chocolate bark. So simple and delicious! This weekend I think I’ll try my hand at the infused bourbon. What about you? Are there gifts you love to make and give? Click the images to get to the how-to links and read below for some additional “cliff notes.”

Soft Pretzels: Who would not love to get a box of homemade soft pretzels in a box with some beautiful wrap and fancy mustard? This is one of those treats everyone wants to eat, but seldom indulges in.

Chocolate Bark: I modified the recipe here by replacing pecans with toasted almond slivers and omitting the coconut. Everyone went wild for the rosemary and sea salt with chocolate combination. Must try and give!

Sugar Scrub: I find that homemade beauty products really work well with my sensitive skin.  I would be so happy to receive a pretty bottle containing two of my favorite scents: coconut and ginger!

Hot Cocoa in a Jar: This gift is fun and it looks lovely too. You could adjust this recipe by skipping the candy cane and adding a cinnamon stick and a pinch of nutmeg.

Apple Pie Infused Bourbon: I just really want to make and taste a sip of this. Such a cool gift to give.

Lavender Sugar: I have a jar of lavender sugar that I bought in Oregon wine country. It smells so good and tastes great in yogurt or sprinkled over fresh cut fruit.

Poundcake Truffles: Okay, so I must admit this doesn’t seem to exactly fit the “easy” description. But I would swap in some store bought poundcake for the home baked version, and just make the truffles. We’ll see if I brave this one this year.

Placemat Clutch: Selecting the right placemat would be THE key to getting this gift right. There are many wonderful options out there, but steer clear of a Vera Bradley look and go for Indian style prints or great textures.

Sweet and Savory Nuts: How easy, useful, and delicious! Everyone loves to put out nuts for the holiday and these fantastic recipes make them extra special. Endear yourself to anyone (who doesn’t have a nut allergy) by mixing up a packet of these.

Snow Globes: These lovely trinkets have been all over the blogosphere, however no one has gifted me with one, and I KNOW my son would LOVE to have one to shake and look at on our dinner table with the other holiday decor. Guess I’ll have to make him one!

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