Road Map: Live Healthier in 2013

Hi everyone! Just a quick note to introduce you to  one of my favorite people in the whole world, Monika Mahajan. That is her in the yellow dress there. She’s a nutritionist, and working to become a registered dietician. She is the healthiest, most lovely person I know. Full disclosure: she also happens to be a member of my family and one of my best friends. I asked her to write this road map on health for our 2013 resolutions series because I personally always turn to her when I want to tweak up my diet or give an exercise program a whirl. Here’s her Road Map to Living Healthier in 2013. Continue reading

The Outfit Journal: Seeing Green

My trusty dress form, Lucille, and I had a bit of a tiff. She borrowed my favorite velvet jacket and green Marc Jacobs handbag. She didn’t want to give them back…and she looked better in them than I did. I’m seeing green. But at least I got my jacket back : ).

Seriously, I need a story to explain why I look so upset here! Especially when green just happens to be my favorite color (other than grey or beige). It comes in so many wonderful hues and looks great accented with black. Here I’ve used a gauzy scarf to stand in for a blouse. I finished the look with a tribal look bracelet that matches the tribal feel of the scarf print. And, of course, my skinnies.

Outfit credits: Green velvet blazer by Elie Tahari / Tribal Print scarf by Echo / Skinnies by Joe’s Jeans / Bracelet by Marc Jacobs / Handbag by Marc Jacobs (very old).

Seen previously: Scarf here. Skinnies here.

Photo by Jill Bremner.

Get the Look: Artsy Rustic Ethnic Glamour

Sometimes an image just stays with you and you want to explore and consider it more. Actually, that happens to me a lot, but this week it is Sunday’s Interior Inspiration pic that I posted. I got excited thinking about all the ways I could capture that look, and I kept going back to it. Then I happened upon the settee shown here on Rue Magazine’s new website, and voila, a Get the Look feature materialized! So without further ado, here is a step-by- step to get this artsy, rustic, ethnic look, with a hint of glamour, that I am loving:

1. Start with painting your walls in Ralph Lauren’s Silver City in Suede finish, using their suede painting technique (see the how-to video here).

2. Use a weathered wood mirror on the wall to capture the vibe of the weathered beams. I love this one by Made Goods, available here.

3. Hang some lovely ethnic feel pendants to bring in the rustic gold finish, available here.

4. Score a dark blue-grey settee with slim back-height arms and bolster pillows (such a steal from a surprising resource).

5. Add some geometry to the floor with tile if you can. If not, opt for one of the many graphic rugs on the market today.

6. Find a great striped bolster that brings in a multitude of shades and a worn-in feeling.

7. Add some bright velvet throw pillows to punch it up.

8. Buy a small collection of original drawings or prints of drawing, frame them with white mat, and hang them gallery style (here is a great how-to video for that on One Kings Lane). These drawings are from From right to left: Abstract / Gemini / Horse / Ink Abstract.

Reviewed: Fitness Trends for 2013

What would January be without a consideration of how to keep fit for the year? Long gone are the days of simply pulling on a pair of leg warmers and popping in a Jane Fonda VHS. Today offers a dizzying array of strength-training techniques, dance classes, cleanses, yoga, spinning, and much more. All of these choices can feel somewhat overwhelming, so I (Jill) have teamed up with a handful of health-minded friends to break down and review a few of the trends out there to get you on your way to being fit and fabulous in 2013! Continue reading

Local Celebs: The Man Behind Arturo’s

One of my favorite restaurants in the area is Arturo’s in downtown Maplewood, NJ. You can often find me there on a Thursday night devouring the amazingly fresh specials, or the divinely simple wood-fired margherita pizza. Aside from the great food, the restaurant has that aura of hip yet approachable that is so hard to come by. Setting up a farmer’s market or doing Saturday wine tasting dinners are some of the off-the-beaten-path offerings that Arturo’s is known for. The owner and brains behind the ops, Dan Richer, took some time out to answer our questions, and bowled us over with his enthusiasm. It became clear that what makes this restaurant so magnetic is that it is not a restaurant, but an ethos, and one we all want to be a part of, at that!

US: Describe the concept of the restaurant? How did you come up with that?  

DR: I shy away from the term concept. It’s a way of life, its what we do. “Fridays” is a concept. We do wood fired pizza, which is a “concept” these days. I’ve studied for 8-9 years how to properly make good pizza and good food. I’ve been to Italy countless times. I continuously focus on our product, and getting better, and making the best food that we possibly can. A concept is for guys that jump on the bandwagon of something trendy. That isn’t the case here. Continue reading