The Ten: Simple Decor Updates to Try Right Now


This week we have really been tackling the resolution to make the house more beautiful in 2013. I started with an overall road map, then gave some of the top design styles of the year for you to consider. Now, we have ten simple decor updates you could try. I love these because they also reflect some style trends we are seeing now! Each of these little tasks might require some shopping and the zeal to finish, but there are projects to suit any budget and DIY tolerance level. I’m doing #1 this weekend. How about you? Pick one, get it done, and then enjoy the results! Read more about each project below.

1. Hang artwork in the kitchen. Most people never get around to hanging art in the kitchen. There is an erroneous belief that the art must be cutesy or food related. Wrong! Try something classic, or some photography, or whatever you might like to look at in the kitchen. Photo from here.

2. Accessorize the powder room. Look for beautiful paper packaging on soaps, nice boxes, a small vase with some flowers, and small pieces of art. A modern streamlined mirror will also make a difference if you can add it. Even if you can’t renovate, you can still make a statement! Photo from here.

3. Style your sofa and coffee table. I know that non-decorators agonize over this task. My advice? Just buy some beautiful books that you love, a tray, and some cute accessories and experiment with them. You could also try a bowl, low candles, or a short vase. Nothing is more classic and easy that a large work of art over the sofa. When selecting pillows it can be hard to know what works. Head to West Elm or a home boutique, pick up a few styles and test them out in different combinations. Photo from here.

4. Paint the ceiling. I am seeing a strong trend towards painting ceilings again, even in dark or bright colors with high gloss finishes. I generally like my spaces airy and light so I still might tend to do a classic pale blue or pale green. Photo from here.

5. Customize storage bins for toys. This is something I need to do. Buy some stencils and some fabric paint and label bins or baskets for a sweet and custom look. I am thinking of stenciling toy category names, like CARS, TRAINS, and SUPERHEROES for my bins. Photo from here.

6. Get a pair of matching lamps. This is so simple, but have you done it? Unless you are one of my clients, I’m willing to guess you don’t have a pair of matching lamps in the house. A clean simple shape in the right finish flanking either side of the sofa, bed, buffet, or console table is a sure decorating wow. Photo from here.

7. Set up a tabletop bar. Cocktails are in style big time right now. The decor equivalent? A beautiful bar set up in the living room or dining room. Find a good table surface, get a tray, get some top  shelf stuff in beautiful bottles or some decanters. Line up a few highball glasses. The bar set up will look festive and remind you to entertain or treat yourself on a Friday night in. Photo from here.

8. Style your desktop. How much time do you spend at your desk? Buy yourself a beautiful cup, a small desk tray, scented candle, and a little bud vase. Find some beautiful writing implements and paper journals or stationery. Voila. You are done. Photo from here.

9. Get a tray and some cups for the vanity. Same concept here as above. Containing all your makeup, creams, and potions on a lovely tray will have you feeling more organized. And you’ll be more likely to grab some eyeliner or even chapstick before you head out. Photo from here.

10. Do an IKEA hack. Not being into DIY I have to admit that I did not know what an IKEA hack was until last week! But now I am enamored with the amazingly creative “improvements” people have been making on this most affordable of furnishings! I want to give it a try! Photo from here.

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