Interior Inspirations: Color vs. Black and White

I am truly mesmerized by this pic I happened upon on Pinterest this morning. I kept going back to look at it. The sleekness of the photography juxtaposed against more ornate furnishings and rich colors is kind of riveting, right?! The arrangement is symmetrical and organic at the same time, which I love.

Hope you are having a good holiday weekend. See you with a dreamboard tomorrow!

Saturday Snapshot: A Good Egg

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Last night Aadi and I colored eggs with a Paas Tie-Dye kit. So fun. I learned so much from my son. I was trying so hard to put together pleasing color combos and neat patterns on my eggs. Until I saw his super cool scribbled, multi-colored pieces of egg art. They were gorgeous. I tried his technique and my eggs improved but none quite matched his artistic genius. Children express themselves from such a natural place.

I’ve been trying to do the same with my interior designs these days too…forget the rules I’ve set for myself and go for what feels right instinctively. So far so good! I like shaking it up a bit. Check in tomorrow for some interior inspiration.


Etsy Uncovered: Uma’s Art Picks and Tips

After Jill’s post on art on Etsy, I found myself lost in search for wonderful finds for my clients and myself. We occasionally source from Etsy, but I have to admit I have been under-utilizing it. It is a great way for me to get clients started with their own collections of original art. We thought we would share a few more Etsy artists with you, along with some tips for how to select art for your own space.

Mossmottle (above) features bold abstract paintings by Amanda Collis. I love the colors and the textured feel accomplished in these contemporary oil on canvas works. TIP: Boldly colored abstract art is a classic way to add a pop of color to a neutral space. You do not need to match colors to your interiors, but think about what colors would make a good complement to your wall color and furnishings. I personally like to use abstract works as stand alone pieces on accent walls or over sofas. Shop Mossmotle for great options.

Michelle Armas features paper and canvas prints of her beautiful abstract pieces. Her color palette is light and whimsical. TIP: If you are on a very limited budget signed prints of art are a great way to go. Frame them and display as part of a grouping rather than as a stand-alone piece. Shop Michelle Armas for lovely options.

Jane Heller is a Montreal based photographer who has a wide array of animal, nature, and vintage-inspired fine art prints. I love the boho and rustic vibe of many of her pieces. TIP: I love to mix arrangements of different styles of art into an interesting gallery wall arrangement. A piece of fine art photography with white matte and a simple frame always makes a good addition to a collection. Shop Jane Heller for a great selection of pics.

Lam Art Studio features a nice selection of affordably priced original watercolors embellished with metallic acrylic paint. Like Jill, I am a sucker for watercolor paintings. The wash of color is sophisticated and subtle and a very good match to my personal, understated style.  TIP: The use of metallic paint to accent works of art is one of my favorite trends in fine art today. Shop LamArt for your own one-of-a-kind piece, as artist Laura does a fantastic job with this.

Silver Ridge Studio features Cate Parr’s original watercolors and archival quality prints. Her subject matter is primarily fashion images. I am particularly smitten with the few pieces she has done of Indian brides, as they are a nice modern complement to the miniatures, court paintings, and batiks I have featuring Indian women. TIP: In addition to varying the styles of art you feature in your home, also pick a few different subject matter themes that really appeal to you. Shop Silver Ridge for fabulous fashion images to mix in with abstracts and other pieces.

Paula Mattson is a Chicago based watercolor artist whose paintings start with the forms of nature, but take on a more abstract form. I am absolutely smitten for this style of work and her earthy color palette. TIP: Pieces that feature soothing colors and soft organic forms are great for rooms where you want to keep the mood more tranquil, like bedrooms or studies. Shop Paula Mattson for a perfect mix of grounded yet ethereal works.

Veedon Ventures features the mixed media works on paper of Jennifer Jones. She has pieces that are bolder and splashier, as well as quieter more neutral pieces like the one shown here. TIP: Drawings and mixed media work are an oft forgotten style to shop for. They do not have the cache of paintings but they show a real love of art and add depth to salon style hangings and personal collections. Shop Veedon Ventures for an affordable and interesting array of artist studies.

HellenaLuna is an Etsy shop featuring the works of fantasy by Jurgita Jankute in Lithuania. I particularly love her mixed media drawings that capture fairytale moments that are poignant and moody. TIP: Whimsical pieces are not just for kids! I particularly love to hang them in rooms with more serious decor to play moods off of one another and make the whole feeling more approachable. Shop Hellena Luna for the perfect pieces of whimsy.

Try This With These: Spring Outerwear Ensembles


Early spring weather calls for a coat or light jacket for sure. But you can lighten it up with a gauzy scarf, a peep toe, or a lightly colored spring bag. Try these spring outerwear pairings over your wardrobe basics to get some style on early in the season!

LUXE COAT: Dress it down with boho-inspired pieces. Parka by J Crew / Slouchy Tote from Anthropologie / Cutout Boot from Piperlime / Printed Scarf by Etro from Saks

JEAN JACKET: Dress is up with luxe, showstopping accessories. Jean Jacket by J Crew / Tote by Foley+Corina from Bloomingdales / Peep-toe Bootie by Maison Martin Margiela / Printed Scarf by Bindya from Saks

BELTED JACKET: The perfect way to top a spring dress before weather permits. Belted Jacket by See by Chloe from Madewell / Tote by Kelsi Dagger from Neiman Marcus / Grey Suede Booties from All Saints / Floral Print Scarf by Marc Jacobs from Saks

PUFFER VEST: A sporty vest works really well with crisp white and metallic accents. Puffer Vest by Authier from J Crew / White Leather Tote by Treesje from Bloomingdales / Peep Toe Booties by Belle by Sigerson Morrison from Bloomingdales / Stripe Patttern Scarf by Yarnz from Saks

CLASSIC TRENCH: Sure it can go dressed up, but try for a whimsical look this year. Belted Trench by Reiss / Mar y Sol Tote from Bloomingdales / Peep Toe Sandals from Anthropologie / Atlas Scarf by Athena Procopiou from Saks

The Dreamboard: Early Spring Light

Good morning everyone! Believe it or not I think we actually have a FULL week of posts scheduled for you this week! We will be ramping back up with original photoshoots and great content for you.

Truth be told, this is a time of transition for me. We are planning to move the house and even the studio in the next year. We are managing more design work and we have some exciting things planned for the blog. Things look the same, but under the surface change is brewing.

Kind of like the transition of winter to spring. Some days it kind of still feels like winter (winter weather alert anyone?). But under the surface the flowers are headed up and our way. The light has a cool promise as we wait for the cheery tones of May.

Have a great week, and be sure to pop in tomorrow morning for a great fashion feature.