Inside the Project: An Indoor/Outdoor Room

Hi everyone! I was so excited when one of my clients called last month to say they wanted to do the indoor/outdoor room at the back of their house. There are some beautiful new outdoor fabrics available and it is a great opportunity to use more color than I normally do on interior projects. Here are some details:

1. After working out the floor plan, I dove into my archive of fabrics to develop a scheme. I wanted brighter green tones to complement the more grey-green tones we used inside the house. Then I knew we needed some color, so I brought in the bright orange and some yellow tones. Then, lots of stripes of course. What is an outdoor space without stripes?!

2. A key part of this room is the eating area. An outdoor table will stand up to the elements that enter the room when the windows are replaced with screens for the summer. It also makes it a great place to enjoy backyard dining while warding off insects.

3. These rustic metal chairs were just the perfect pieces to partner with the table. They brought in a new material to freshen up all the wood and fabric, which I always look to do in designs. We are fabricating striped seat cushions for these babies to make them extra comfy!

I can’t wait to share the progress with you over the next few weeks. Keep a lookout for it! Hope you have a great weekend planned!

Love to Pieces: Canary Yellow Accents (2 Ways)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

The color of the summer for me has been this cheery canary yellow. Everywhere I see it, I want it! Quite unusual since I never used to love yellow so much. This particular shade works two ways. Pair it with hydrangea blue and sweet prints for a vintage beachy look, a la Jean Shrimpton above. Stay at the Oceana in Santa Monica if you really like it!

6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

For another look combine the canary yellow with metallics and rich materials to take it in a new, totally glam direction, like Zoe Saldana. Soak up some fun at the Viceroy in Miami (designed by Kelly Wearstler) if you want to study this glamour statement more closely.

The Scoop: I’m Going to be an Aunt!

Hi everyone! I’ve just return from travel to Chicagoland to attend the baby shower of my sister-in-law. We are so excited to welcome a cousin for Aadi to the family later this summer. Aadi helped us pick out his favorite baby books and we wrapped them all up with paper and bows to make a nice stack for little cousin’s first library. As you may be able to tell, we’re looking forward to a little girl!

All the family gatherings were held outside. We had amazingly yummy summer foods. Some highlights included a savory zucchini cheesecake, strawberry basil lemonade, and homemade coleslaw! Yum! Recipes to come!

Now that I’m back I’m tackling several new design projects and the BIG MOVE! I’ll keep posting, but it might be more like every other day for the next few weeks. This is the place to stay tuned for all the details! Looking forward to sharing it with y’all!

The books Aadi picked: Head to Toe; Barnyard Dance; Go Dog Go; Hand Hand Fingers Thumb; Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear; and Goodnight Moon.

Try This: Carrot Nectarine Smoothie

This summer I am on a mission to master the healthy smoothie. Every week I pick up a bevy of fresh fruits and veggies, and for breakfast each morning I try a new combination of ingredients. It has been a delicious experiment. What I’ve found is the simpler the better.

My current favorite is this carrot nectarine smoothie. Peel and cut one medium carrot into thin pieces. Add to blender cup and pulse on high until thoroughly shredded. Cut the pit from one nectarine and chop into large pieces. Add to blender cup along with one cup of almond milk. Blend until completely smooth. Pour into an 8 ounce glass. Sprinkle a teaspoon of chia seeds on top. Enjoy!

Are you into the current smoothie and juice trend? What are your favorite recipes?

Photo by Uma Stewart.

Home and Away: Conjure the Beach in a Glass

Wading in the waves and lounging on the sand are such singular experiences. Nothing speaks of summer better, and yet most of us cannot spend every day of the season on the beach. Rest assured that even if you can’t make it to the ocean, you can still bottle up the feeling with some beachy drinks and beverages at home. Here’s what I rounded up for you:

1. Add an umbrella and some fruit to any drink and you will be channeling the colorful spirit of beach life.

2. Spritz up gin on the rocks or even ice water with sliced fruit and surfer-styled stir sticks.

3. What could be more beachy than this mango drink with some cooling mint garnish?

4. This one’s for the kids: a sparkling peach punch.

5. A mix of colorful glassware on an off-white backdrop will bring to mind colorful umbrellas dotting the beach.

6. This guava margarita will have you feeling like you are living it up at a resort in Mexico!

Credits: Beach photo / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 /  5 / 6