Inside the Project: An Indoor/Outdoor Room

Hi everyone! I was so excited when one of my clients called last month to say they wanted to do the indoor/outdoor room at the back of their house. There are some beautiful new outdoor fabrics available and it is a great opportunity to use more color than I normally do on interior projects. Here are some details:

1. After working out the floor plan, I dove into my archive of fabrics to develop a scheme. I wanted brighter green tones to complement the more grey-green tones we used inside the house. Then I knew we needed some color, so I brought in the bright orange and some yellow tones. Then, lots of stripes of course. What is an outdoor space without stripes?!

2. A key part of this room is the eating area. An outdoor table will stand up to the elements that enter the room when the windows are replaced with screens for the summer. It also makes it a great place to enjoy backyard dining while warding off insects.

3. These rustic metal chairs were just the perfect pieces to partner with the table. They brought in a new material to freshen up all the wood and fabric, which I always look to do in designs. We are fabricating striped seat cushions for these babies to make them extra comfy!

I can’t wait to share the progress with you over the next few weeks. Keep a lookout for it! Hope you have a great weekend planned!

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