Design Direction: Garden Obsessed

I have been spending a lot of my spare time outside the past few weeks, entertaining family on the back patio and working on the garden up front. Styling my outdoor spaces has become a bit of an obsession while the interiors of my new house lie in wait of attention. I think I’ve surprised my nearest and dearest with my intense focus on exteriors.

I wanted to enjoy our new yard before it was too cold. Mission accomplished! And I find myself completely drawn to the garden as inspiration in all areas. Don’t you just love the soft colors and casually elegant vibe of this tablescape?

This room caught my eye too. It’s a bit raw, but that plays up the whole garden in the sky feeling created by the plants, cement, and massive windows.

If you want the more polished and less literal application, this shelf dressed in agate patterned wallpaper speaks of wood grain, the artichoke shaped accents reference nature too, and the colorful books mimic the colors of the garden.

The light rosy pink hues of these jeans, as well as the casual airy vibe of the ankle zippers plus sandals say garden to me. And the nearly white polish for toes are like blooms.

What a great space, right? There is something so magical about this indoor secret garden-like room. This is the perfect creation of a dream patio as an interior design.

Try This: My Favorite Protein Boost

I have to admit that with all the design projects, plus our move, I have not been at my healthiest. I’ve been reaching for the sugar and coffee way too often. Time to get back on track. There’s one thing I’ve been eating lately, however, that I am going to hang on to for my revised diet: a bowl of greek yogurt topped with chia seeds, slivered almonds, and a tiny dash of honey. This lifesaver has been filling my protein needs on the busiest of days here. As an aside, I highly recommend a beautiful bowl for indulging in this healthy snack!

Inside the Project: Mid-Delivery on Renovation

Hi everyone! It seemed about time to share some inside scoop on our projects. While I always aim to deliver my projects all at once so that clients can experience a complete transformation, sometimes it isn’t possible. Renovation delays, backorders, shipping issues, and more can mess with the best laid plans.

Here is a renovation and redecorating project in Morristown in a state of partial delivery. Thanks to Instagram for these sneak peeks. The master bedroom underwent a complete renovation and this is the bed before we added side tables, lamps, and some wall art.

This console is originally designed as a buffet, but it made a lovely piece for storing media while adding a bit of worn-in elegance to the bedroom. The rustic wood tone provides a nice contrast to the mirrored doors, and works beautifully with the grey-toned wood floors that we custom mixed a stain for.

My client had these beautiful french chairs in her living room that I reupholstered in muted stripes and moved to the master bedroom to create a small seating area by the picture windows.

Check these out! The sconces are a new addition to the space, and serve as a gorgeous piece of wall art, as well as a great source of soft lighting.

I was thrilled to discover a pair of these beautiful deco cabinets hiding away in our client’s basement! They were in perfect condition so we had them moved up to the living room where they add the right bit of interest and pattern to a blank wall.  The two pieces together are now serving as bar cabinets. Our client can’t believe how well they function and how great they look in her space.

We’re waiting for a few final pieces to come in so we can do a proper photoshoot. Stay tuned for more photos once the project is complete!

How to Style: Custom Moving Labels

There are still some boxes lurking in corners waiting to be unpacked here. Seeing them reminded me to share my custom moving labels with you. My moving company suggested color coding everything. I searched for ready made labels, but there were not enough colors for each room in the all the packaged labels I found. Memories of previous moves had me terrified to think of boxes that belong in the bedroom ending up in the middle of the kitchen or down in the basement. It’s not fun to carry boxes all over the house after you just paid the movers a small fortune to do it.

What is a designer to do? Custom colors of course! I bought some plain address labels from Staples and printed up 11 different colors to cover each space. We used these to mark multiple sides of boxes and furniture pieces in the house.

I made these larger labels for cataloging the contents of each box. This did inspire us to be more detailed when listing what we were packing, and helped with the unpacking process immensely.

The movers caught on to the color system about a quarter of the way through and found it very useful once they got the hang of which colors went where. The best part was that I knew where things went at a glance and could easily direct things to the right places.

Only a few boxes were misplaced so I would say, overall, styling your move with color coded labels is a good way to go! What about you? Do  you have any good moving tips?