Love to Pieces: My Fall Wishlist

fall wishlist

The slight chill in the air this week has had me craving some cozy basics. I’ve compiled a mini shopping list of things I am on the hunt for immediately!

1. Flannel shirt. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed plaid is back big time? I’m excited! I’ve always kept a low key, understated one on hand in my closet, but I’m looking forward to a shirt that really says, “Hello, I’m Plaid!” This one from Madewell fits the bill, and would be a great basic to have on hand this year.

2. Navy blue coat. Navy is the new black this year. I really want a beauty of a coat in this polished hue. The A-line of this funnel neck coat from Reiss would be very flattering, especially tossed over a boxier look–like my flannel shirt.

3. Jogging pants. Loose pants with a drawstring waist and ankle cinch take the cake for accomplishing the slouchy look I love so much. This pair from Zara is a great basic to wear while raking leaves, picking apples, or just lounging. Or dress them up with ankle boots and a crisp top and head out for lunch, shopping, a movie…as you wish.

4. Combat boots. I had a pair of combat boots that I wore in college until the soles fell off of them. Then I cried and still kept them in my closet for years. The time has come to find another pair. I’ve got my eye on these glammy boots by Elizabeth and James.

Have you started your fall shopping yet? Let me know what your must haves are this year!

Entertaining: Goodbye to Summer!

This weekend will mark the official beginning of fall…and end of summer. With Back to School and holidays already under our belts who is thinking summer any more, anyhow? Well, me, I guess! The weekend should be nice and I’m hoping for one last outdoor hurrah on the patio.

Can you blame me for wanting to breakout the beachy blanket, summer yellow bowls, and bright floral napkins one more time? I’m hoping we’ll toss on cozy sweaters and settle in by the tiki torches for another serving of fruity drinks and grilled fare. Just to tide us over till next year.

Will you join me? What was your favorite summer memory this year?

Photos by: Uma Stewart (back in July)

Dreamhouse Diary: The Front Garden

Hi folks! What have all of you been up to? Like many of you, I’ve been busy getting my little one ready for school. Because there is so much going on I’ve been taking it slow with projects at the new house. But I do have some to share with you.

First up, the front garden. A first impression is everything and I realized after moving in that the landscaping in our front yard needed some work…

It started with this photo Jill took for the blog. I looked at it and realized our new “office” didn’t look so great. We are hidden by a jungle of overgrown bushes!

step two

We had almost everything dug up from the front beds. Then we pruned back whatever was left standing. Here, Michael’s parents used their green thumbs to help us get additional roots and rocks out of the beds.

Once the grounds were bare I realized we actually were going to need to add some new plantings right away. I started to research ideas and fell in LOVE with this formal garden design. Of course, a cottage garden style was going to work better with the architecture of the house so I just carried over the shrubs with withe flowers and the grey tone of the stonework in my own landscape design.

With ideas in mind I went shopping for plants and other materials. Lucky for me, white hydrangeas were available everywhere even late in the season. I also went for cone flowers to add a bit of cottage-y color.

step five

Finally, we planted everything with water and compost material, and mulched. This photo was taken right after we got everything in the ground. We placed all of this stone edging ourselves. I was really proud of the work we did! I have to admit the hydrangeas have since gone into shock from the transplant, and the leaves yellowed and fell off the bushes. However, my experience is they will do fine next year and in two years they will be gorgeous!

I’m slowly working on making a rock garden at the house too, so I will share pictures and my fall landscaping later this season! How about you? Are any of you planning fall plantings?