Rock This Look: Danish Modern Meets Collector’s Details

855e29075e80595baab2508b81f266daI don’t usually gravitate to Danish mid-century, however I found this image above very lovely and instructive in thinking through my own dining room design. I am doing gallery walls there to showcase my small pieces of art and I love how this dining area keeps the furniture clean and simple to let the artwork shine. I’m looking forward to sharing the completed dining room pics with you, but in the meantime here are some pieces to consider if you too love this look. rtl-danish mod

1. You will want to start going your collection of small works if you plan to do a gallery wall. Or if you do not yet have a collection, get started on Etsy. They have great drawings and photographs, as well as paintings. This detailed tree, ferris wheel, and male nude echo the look we see in this photo.

2. Room and Board has the perfect table. If I were putting this together for a client, I would probably have the table refinished in a glossier black to get the perfect look.

3. Go vintage for the chairs. There are tons of Danish mid-century sets available on eBay, 1st Dibs, and Chairish, where I found these.

4. Traditional carpets are on an upswing. They add a feeling of depth and history to a room. I particularly love them paired with contemporary furniture and white walls. Restoration Hardware is a good resource when you want to keep the color palette more minimal.

Links: 1A / 1B / 1C / 2 / 3 / 4

Pin Pals: White In Relief

white fresh exotic

I was poring over white paint colors this weekend for my own house. I have an eclectic collection of furniture and art, and an unusual color palette for my living room, so the perfect white will bring all those things together. Still, my head started to hurt a bit from staring at my swatches to see how they looked at different times of day.

Finally I took a Pinterest break and found myself pinning a plethora of white inspiration. I started to see some relationships. The pair above works together so beautifully with the desk mimicking the water and the matching golden and white hues.

white bohemian

Off-whites tend to work when you want a more bohemian look. This pair of images picks up the golden hues we saw in the first pair, but shows what happens when you have busier patterns and less brightness in the whites.

white active

I just love how these two images work together. Perhaps counter-intuitive to pair a street style shot with an interior peppered with Indian-inspired pattern and imagery. But they just work, no? The pinkish blue light, and the way her outfit hearkens khadi (Indian cotton) and looser silhouettes. Her perfect pop of color. Even the shape of her bag and the geometry of the street walk works. These shades of white are soft and dreamy, and they layer white with off white to create a feeling of depth.

white tangiersThis image of Tangiers features a cool blue-white sky with all that white stucco juxtaposed against the dark window openings in graphic shapes. This outfit and front hall vignette echo the cool palette, the simplicity versus sophistication in style, and the snap of black present in the first image. If you want this look go for whites with blue undertones.

I do think I’ve narrowed down the white paint options to one perfect color. I’m going with something closer to the white architecture in Udaipur from the first image. What white tones speak to you?!

Photo links: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Noticed: Hard Edge Painitings in Interiors


I have been pinning a spate of interiors featuring hard edge geometric paintings. They remind me of the work of Ellsworth Kelly and a little bit of Matisse’s cutouts.

hard edge paintings

1 / 2

I like the way this style of artwork adds some crispness to busier spaces with a plethora of photos and pillows. The simplicity of the clean-edged shapes adds a strong visual focus to the room, and helps draw the lines of the furniture into stronger relief as well.



Let me know if you’ve spotted other similar images. I’d love to add them to my Pinterest collection!

The Collection: Valentine’s Day Noir

valentines inspiration

1 / 2

I’m not feeling so pink or red this Valentines. I’m feeling a bit more…noir. Sure there are hints of pink involved, but they are shadowy and more beige (see inspiration above).



More inspiration here: In my vision I should dress for dinner on the 14th in a space like this.

this valentine's day

1 / 2 / 3

Translated to real life: This ensemble above is modern and casual, yet it has the richness and romance required. A bouquet of roses and orchids captures the symbolic play of darkness and light perfectly. Finally, these dark chocolate and coconut tarts make a fitting dessert for a dramatic celebration.

What are you dreaming about for Valentine’s Day?