The Collection: Waiting for Green

pale green black

I’ve been gazing at the trees outside, wondering when the first leaves will appear. I long for green. To help coax the foliage to appear I thought I’d share some green inspiration. My favorite color combination? Green with black. In this instance I am going to say it is a combination symbolic of green growing out from under the darkness of winter. Above, these super pale wispy greens with black have a dreamy feeling to them. Are these greens for real or are we imagining them?

shadowy green blackHere green feels shadowy and vintage, and crisp white accents draw it all into relief. The green is there, undeniably, but still hiding in the shadows,

green earthHere our green combination feels earthy and bolder. Now the shadows of black are merely a backdrop for leafy optimistic greens. I anxiously await more green-spiration to arrive outside my windows!

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The Collection: Spring to Life

b73ec063949928efbc829cf67fcfed1bThis photo, found in my Pinterest feed, has had me enchanted. There is a feeling of buoyancy and a color palette that walks the perfect line between delicate and vibrant. Finally, the weather today made it seem appropriate.

spring colorI love how these images here capture a feeling of abundance and simplicity together. An interior rich with color and sophistication, yet casual to its core. A collection of row boats unassumingly bright. Books and a simple bunch of gerbera singing the same song of color. These photos all seem to be about having so much that you need so little.

spring color3spring color4You can tone it all down too with paler versions of color. Go for pieces that feel faded with history, yet still speak of color and variety. It’s¬†all about optimism. It’s time to spring to life!

spring color2

Let’s be whimsical and celebrate spring, while wearing flowy gowns, with balloons and swings. The ensemble from Wes Gordon’s Spring runway shows you how to dress the part in real life. Equal parts white and colorful, structured and flowing. How will you welcome spring?

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Must Need Do: Fur for Spring

colored furStreet style shots from the Fall 2014 Fashion Weeks featured a plethora of furry looks that seemed to be spring appropriate in feeling. Considering that the cold temperatures seem to be sticking around, I like these looks for staying warm while still feeling a bit sprightly. Faux options abound for a look without the price tag as well.

pink fur

Handbags with a spot of color seem to be quite on target with this look. I especially love the yellow cross-body/clutch above.

fur for springYou don’t have to go for colored fur. You can also keep the furs neutral and add color with key pieces, like a bag, skirt, shoes, or jewelry.


I like that these looks here feature pumps or open-toed shoes to further signal a seasonal change. I have recently acquired a 50’s era vintage faux fur stole that I have been wearing with black jeans and white blouse. I can’t wait to add some fun pumps and jewelry to the mix! How about you? Will you try some fur for spring?