Hotel Tour: The NoMAD in NYC

the-nomad-hotel-is-now-open-for-business-in-new-york-cityLast year I stayed at The NoMad Hotel NYC with my husband for our anniversary. We live 20 miles from the city, but like many Jersey folks, enjoy living like resident-tourists rather than like commuters sometimes. When we walked into the hotel lobby, I remember thinking, wow, he really picked a good one! We enjoyed staying right in the Nomad neighborhood for a total change of pace from our usual city spots. We wandered through the flower district, checked out the Showplace Antique & Design Center, and had great Peruvian food at Raymi. The Ace is around the corner. Fun to pop in just to soak up the genius vibes for a bit. Most importantly? The NoMad’s perfect decor and Elephant Bar of course! Take a quick peek and I’m sure you’ll be headed there too. We are planning this year’s quick getaway now, and we may just go back!

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Color Palette: Sienna and Deeps

August 2015August is bittersweet, right? No month means summer in the same way. Hot. Slow. Hazy. You’re at the beach, the farmer’s market, standing in front of the AC vents. And yet the rush of fall is creeping in back of mind. The sun is already setting earlier. And it begins: Have you peeked at fall fashion yet? Talked to your kids about what kind of lunch box they want for the new school year? Are you longing for them to come home from camp yet?!

This month’s mood board captures this cusp for me. The fullness of summer with the fall season in full view. Just not here quite yet. Thankfully.

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