Case Study: A Bright and Causal Vanity/Desk Combo


One of my favorite vignettes we did at a photoshoot at our client’s house back in the spring is this bright and casual vanity table, which is really a desk and can still be used as one when you want a place to prop a laptop or journal in the bedroom.

Making our working areas in the home beautiful to look at can be a challenge. Here, the key element is bold artwork hung over the desk to create a strong focal point that would make any bits of clutter or pile up seem insignificant.

Basic table lamps with shades create a prettier feel than task lighting. In my home, as well as for my clients, I keep stone and ceramic cups on every desk and vanity surface. This makes it easy to drop in pencils, small pairs of scissors, makeup brushes, and more. I also fell in love with these little rattan catch-all containers shown on the desk. A collection of lidded boxes or trays looks clever and corrals your things.

What do you think? What do you love as decorative items on a work surface? Do you like the idea of a desk in the bedroom, or would you keep it strictly as a vanity? See our team’s outline below for sourcing more items that can transform a surface into a functional AND gorgeous spot in the home.

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