Case Study: Perfect Coffee Table Accessories


Getting back to school and back on a routine can be a CHORE! But we did it! And now, I can’t help but to get excited about all that fall and the holidays bring. Other than cool temperatures and the colors changing, entertaining with friends and family is definitely the highlight of the season for me. Prepping your home for guests can top the TO DO list now. If you really want WOW factor you have to go beyond the basics with your design. Gorgeous accessories become a necessity and not an extra. The key is to start with classics, and then be a little bit bold.

I love books on a cocktail table, so that is often my starting point. Choose titles that say something about you, or are just pure eye candy or conversation starters for guests. If you don’t like books you can also use a tray, or, better yet, layer books in the trays if you have a large table. After that you want a few sculptural objects. I love figures, but many of our clients prefer abstract and geometric pieces. You want some contrast, so here we did the white ceramic dog, paired with chunky gold candleholders. The finishing touch: florals! If you are planning to sit in the living room, keep the arrangement low, but if people will be in the dining room you can go for drama with a tall arrangement in the living room, and then move it to a side table or console if your guests end up lingering around your gorgeously accessorized coffee table.

Below is a guide for some of the essential elements in accessorizing a great coffee table. Pick a nice mix and remember to change it up regularly. Changing it up keeps your house from feeling staid and stale over time!

Coffee Table 2

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Case Study: Lush and Happy Looks with Block Prints


Summer is almost over, my friends. Sad but true. If only we could bottle up the feeling and carry it with us for the year. The closest thing I can think of is the ever fresh feeling of Indian block prints. We built the design for this Short Hills master bedroom around block print bedding from John Robshaw. And the room carries that relaxed and happy vibe we crave year round. Here are some ideas for incorporating printed bedding in your rooms.

Layer printed bedding over a simple white quilt to keep things from looking too busy. The key to mixing prints is to look at scale and color. The large scale of the carpet design we used lets it work with the smaller bedding prints. You can add more patterns by keeping the color palette tight. Stick with the same two or thee colors for the room.

Below is a guide for some of the prettiest patterned bedding we could find. Printed bedding gives off a well traveled vibe, and can work really well for global, beachy, or bohemian rooms. This is a look that has staying power, so if you love it, go for it, and know it will always look en vogue.

Printed Bedding

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