Snapshots: Power Accessorizing

library tablefedora spring blingcomb on vanityranunculas and rosesThese images are all snippets of what could be seen around my house in recent days. The well considered accessory, be it a book, a fedora, or flowers, can capture attention and give moments of happiness. Fill your life with small things that you find beautiful. They will make you happy!

All photos by Uma Stewart.

Snapshots: Addressing the Foundations

black crystal doorknob-Quick Preset_600x612

Over the last few weeks I have been orchestrating a few updates to my space. Tackling decorating my new home has proven to be quite daunting. Even for me. Well, especially for me, because doing my own home seems like I am making such a major statement regarding my design work. I want to get it all just right!

I decided to start by addressing the foundations: walls, doors, floor coverings, lighting, etc. And most importantly, doorknobs! I am so excited about these black crystal knobs with brass escutcheons I found here. They are a simple way to elevate the interior mood here.

5 panel doors-Quick Preset_600x800

Back up and you can see some new doors, which still need to be adjusted, painted…and knobbed! Eventually I will be replacing all the doors in the house. Here you can also see the lovely light fixture I added to the inner foyer. I’m still considering what to do with the walls.

white paint swatches-Quick Preset_600x600 I mentioned last week that I was poring over white paint selections. Really it was a task of observing which shades looked best in the light of the house–morning, noon, and night. Here are the swatches on the writing desk my mom has given me.

persian serapi-Quick Preset_600x600

I got this lovely new Persian carpet for my master bedroom. Thank you eBay. This is the first element of the design and I am eventually going to be building the rest of the room around it. Really looking forward to that.

considering the scheme-Quick Preset_600x600  The carpet in this pic was a little gift I got for myself when we went under contract on the new house. It was such a deal on Overstock that I could not resist! It anchors my living room. I was considering other design elements for the adjacent spaces: wallpaper, art, fabrics. All possible future projects.

It will take some time to work my way through the house and get everything in order. But each small step along the way is very exciting!

Snapshots: Surviving a(nother) Snowstorm

my day 2

Yet another snow day. I could complain, but really I’m happy. We’ve had such good family time together this winter, what with actually taking a vacation and then spending so many days snowbound at home. I thought I’d document the day with my iPhone. First requirement, my faux fur throw for cuddling up with my son while reading.

my daySecond, some boredom countering activities. Today it was convincing Aadi that we actually needed to do homemade valentines instead of store bought this year. We certainly tore through my reserves of construction paper, glue, and washi tape. Target has the best supplies.

my day 3

Third, this mojito scented candle by Malin+Goetz is awesome. I do not love scents, but this one is subtle, fresh, and bright. Everyone who comes into my house loves it, and for a moment we forget that it is winter.

my day 4

Fourth, my cable knit slippers are the bomb. Here is a similar pair.

my day 5Finally, we made a big pot of hot chocolate and all had some together. Michael and I spiked ours with some leftover holiday Snap. Required for weathering the shoveling. Hope you all had a good day too!

Photos by Uma Stewart.

Snapshot: Winter Views


The snow piling up outside has become all too familiar scenery hear in NJ. I have a great view of it from our family room which was probably an indoor-outdoor room at some time.

window on winterI’m still working on decorating but I thought I’d give a sneak peek. I definitely am trying to embrace that porch vibe with casual furnishings and a slightly more bohemian look. Once I find a rug and coffee table I’ll share more pics.


The Scoop: Bon Anniversaire

Happy Monday to you all! I’ve been immersed in unpacking stacks of boxes and attending to a plethora of project deadlines, but in between we had good news about the arrival of our niece, Olivia Lynn Stewart, and I celebrated a wedding anniversary!! Michael sent me this beautiful arrangement from Jerry Rose. It made my day, and gave us all something pretty to look at in our unfinished state of decor here. Moving into a new house is like conducting an ongoing experiment, as you test out how you will use the space and what things you can do to make everything work better and look better.

Our experiment is double as I am seeing if and how I can function with my office based in my home! The perks so far: the commute and never having to pack a lunch! On the other end sometimes the house feels like Grand Central with so much activity, deliveries, phones ringing, people coming in and out.

I’m excited to share the journey and details with you as we go along. I’m also excited to start exploring fall fashion and entertaining ideas. It’s going to be a great season. Have a good week!