Sneak Peek: My NEW Line of Pillows and Textiles

IMG_2194 copyToday is the first day I am sharing here a BRAND NEW line of pillows and textiles that I have designed! In a few weeks we will be launching a webstore for our couture pillows and designer fabric by the yard. We will also be contacting select retailers and showrooms to carry our line. Above is a little sneak peek at some of the patterns! Each one is designed to retain a hand drawn or hand painted look. The fabrics are all hand screen printed in the Northeast. We have taken the time to focus on each detail to get it right…for you! I am very excited about the results of all our labor.

pillow pile upHere is a look at some of the pillows. Each one is stitched in the same custom work room I use for my interior design projects. We designed them to feature a crisp edge that always looks smart and at attention when placed on your sofa or chair.

chainmail and back zipper

My entire team can tell you that I obsessed for months over the perfect styling and placement for an exposed zipper. I put it vertical on the back and to the side. I really wanted to convey a bit of a rocker vibe that also felt elevated. My workroom does a perfectly beautiful job on stitching each one into every pillow.

back zipper detailThe zipper itself is antiqued brass with our own custom leather pull and antiqued signature charm. These pieces are pure jewelry for the sofa, and I can tell you, everyone who has seen the zipper detail in person has fallen in mad love. The charms and zippers have also been sourced in the US.

DSC_1245 copyOver the next week or so I am going to be sharing images from our lookbook and details about how we designed each pattern in our debut collection. The lookbook tells 3 stories. One is the tale of the grunge girl songwriter. The next is the story of the glam rock girl the day before she hosts the ultimate soiree. Finally, we have the musings of a stylish indie nomad… I hope your interest is piqued! Stay tuned!

Would you like more information on our fabrics and pillows? Would you like to pre-order? Send a quick email to and we will send you details and pricing.

Etsy Uncovered: Uma’s Art Picks and Tips

After Jill’s post on art on Etsy, I found myself lost in search for wonderful finds for my clients and myself. We occasionally source from Etsy, but I have to admit I have been under-utilizing it. It is a great way for me to get clients started with their own collections of original art. We thought we would share a few more Etsy artists with you, along with some tips for how to select art for your own space.

Mossmottle (above) features bold abstract paintings by Amanda Collis. I love the colors and the textured feel accomplished in these contemporary oil on canvas works. TIP: Boldly colored abstract art is a classic way to add a pop of color to a neutral space. You do not need to match colors to your interiors, but think about what colors would make a good complement to your wall color and furnishings. I personally like to use abstract works as stand alone pieces on accent walls or over sofas. Shop Mossmotle for great options.

Michelle Armas features paper and canvas prints of her beautiful abstract pieces. Her color palette is light and whimsical. TIP: If you are on a very limited budget signed prints of art are a great way to go. Frame them and display as part of a grouping rather than as a stand-alone piece. Shop Michelle Armas for lovely options.

Jane Heller is a Montreal based photographer who has a wide array of animal, nature, and vintage-inspired fine art prints. I love the boho and rustic vibe of many of her pieces. TIP: I love to mix arrangements of different styles of art into an interesting gallery wall arrangement. A piece of fine art photography with white matte and a simple frame always makes a good addition to a collection. Shop Jane Heller for a great selection of pics.

Lam Art Studio features a nice selection of affordably priced original watercolors embellished with metallic acrylic paint. Like Jill, I am a sucker for watercolor paintings. The wash of color is sophisticated and subtle and a very good match to my personal, understated style.  TIP: The use of metallic paint to accent works of art is one of my favorite trends in fine art today. Shop LamArt for your own one-of-a-kind piece, as artist Laura does a fantastic job with this.

Silver Ridge Studio features Cate Parr’s original watercolors and archival quality prints. Her subject matter is primarily fashion images. I am particularly smitten with the few pieces she has done of Indian brides, as they are a nice modern complement to the miniatures, court paintings, and batiks I have featuring Indian women. TIP: In addition to varying the styles of art you feature in your home, also pick a few different subject matter themes that really appeal to you. Shop Silver Ridge for fabulous fashion images to mix in with abstracts and other pieces.

Paula Mattson is a Chicago based watercolor artist whose paintings start with the forms of nature, but take on a more abstract form. I am absolutely smitten for this style of work and her earthy color palette. TIP: Pieces that feature soothing colors and soft organic forms are great for rooms where you want to keep the mood more tranquil, like bedrooms or studies. Shop Paula Mattson for a perfect mix of grounded yet ethereal works.

Veedon Ventures features the mixed media works on paper of Jennifer Jones. She has pieces that are bolder and splashier, as well as quieter more neutral pieces like the one shown here. TIP: Drawings and mixed media work are an oft forgotten style to shop for. They do not have the cache of paintings but they show a real love of art and add depth to salon style hangings and personal collections. Shop Veedon Ventures for an affordable and interesting array of artist studies.

HellenaLuna is an Etsy shop featuring the works of fantasy by Jurgita Jankute in Lithuania. I particularly love her mixed media drawings that capture fairytale moments that are poignant and moody. TIP: Whimsical pieces are not just for kids! I particularly love to hang them in rooms with more serious decor to play moods off of one another and make the whole feeling more approachable. Shop Hellena Luna for the perfect pieces of whimsy.

Shop Talk: Three Ways to Trim the Tree with Owls

Hi all! I spent all day putting up the tree and decorating. How about you? It seems to be the year of the owl as far as Christmas ornaments are concerned. Everyone seems to be carrying some version of our wise old friends. Here are three ways you could do owls for the holiday tree. Happy trimming!

Cute and Fun: Owls from West Elm / Dotted Ornaments from Crate and Barrel / Yellow Glass from Serena and Lily

Classic Style: Owls from Crate and Barrel / Mistletoe from West Elm / Frosted White Teardrop from Pottery Barn

Vintage Glamour: Owl from Anthropologie / Crystal from Restoration Hardware / Green and Silver Mercury Glass from Wisteria

Shop Talk: Style for Less. Our Top 30 Picks.


What is this you ask? My long time assistant designer, Felicia Rodrigues, and I headed to three favorite bargain paradises of all womankind: Target, H&M, and Forever 21. There we each did some speed shopping to pick out our favorite 15 fall fashion finds, for a total of 30 pieces. We brought some of it back to the studio and saw that we had not only scored some serious bargains. We also had the makings of some stylin’ outfits. So we dressed Lucille, our trusty studio mannequin, in a variety of looks. You saw the outfits above. Now get the details on the pieces in the slideshow below!


Shop Talk: Makeup Finds!

I’ve recently been interested in morphing my smudgy black eyeliner look into something a tiny bit more polished. As I mentioned last week I was looking for some red lipstick. Find I did, along with some fun new eyeshadow and foundation. The coolest score for me were the makeup brushes I bought. They make me feel more legit in my quest to become a makeup maven. Here are the details:

Photo 1: Every time I walk into Sephora I become sidelined by the beautiful boxes from Too Faced. I finally broke down and bought the “Matte Eye” kit. It did not have brushes so I bought the Sephora shadow 26 brush and angled liner 15 brush. The colors are really great for creating different versions of the smoky eye. The kit is so fun to experiment with, but eyeshadow is really a weekend thing for me. On weekdays I’ve been sticking to my quick swipe of eyeliner.

Photo 2: The perfect red lipstick was found in the Makeup For Ever 44. I already knew I’d love the formula as I have become addicted to their 26 for day wear. It is so creamy and moisturizing and satiny feeling. The 44 is a fairly bright red for me, but it has a touch of brown which gave it a toned down feeling in comparison to the other colors I tried. Love.

Photo 3: On a whim I picked up the Diorskin Nude foundation with SPF 15. This may have been my best find. The Ochre was a perfect match for my skin. No one could tell I was wearing makeup but everyone thought I looked great. It gave a dewy feeling to the skin. I also had been longing for a foundation brush and am in love with the Sephora PRO Airbrush. It is SO soft and really applies the makeup very evenly.

Next on my makeup hit list: liquid liner and burgundy lipstick. Any product suggestions are welcome!

All photography by the fabulous Jill Bremner.