Interior Design South Orange NJ

Design Services

If you are looking to hire an interior designer, chances are you want a bit of wow factor every day. A beautiful home with some luxe elements will draw friends and family in to enjoy. That’s where we come in, providing you with WOW spaces that are still warm and welcoming enough to call home.

Interior Design South Orange NJ

Full Service Interior Design and Renovations

As a design team, we take pride in taking care of all the little details that make your project come to life. Beautiful rooms result from a strong commitment between client and designer. When we work with you we are committed to getting you all the way to a finished project—because that is where the WOW is! Full service interior design includes:

  • a full home measure and photo-documentation done by our team
  • our signature lifestyle questionnaire filled out in consultation with us
  • a meeting with Uma Stewart to review your spaces and ideas
  • development of project budget
  • an overall design concept and mood board for the space
  • a floor plan for each space in your scope of work
  • elevation drawings of key design elements and custom built-ins
  • a selection for every piece of furniture required for your design
  • a selection of all fabrics, wood, and metal finishes required by the design
  • a selection of wall coverings, carpets, and lighting
  • a design for custom window treatments for each window in the scope
  • an in-person presentation with the design team, including all major design elements
  • one round of revisions, if required, based on your feedback
  • preparation of line item quotes for your review
  • purchasing management
  • delivery and installation of all design elements
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Interior Design South Orange NJ

Lifestyle Services

Most of our full service clients add on accessorizing and art-buying to maximize their designs. This is where our team really brings projects to their top level, sourcing all the little lifestyle elements that make your life easier, and more beautiful. Your options for ADD-ON LIFESTYLE SERVICES include:

  • renderings and 3-D drawings for visualizing the designs
  • art-buying and custom framing
  • art installations
  • accessorizing
  • gallery wall or photo wall design
  • selection of lifestyle elements like: linens, place settings, etc.
  • procurement of books for libraries and bookcases
  • home organization systems
  • holiday decor plans
  • event planning, decor, and layouts
  • coordination with AV media services
  • coordination with professional organizers
  • coordination with family portrait photographers
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Interior Design South Orange NJ

Day of Design Services

Are you looking for a comprehensive design consultation, without the commitment of a full project? Our "day of design" service might be right for you. It allows you to receive design direction from us and then purchase and implement the pieces of the plan on your own and at your own pace. Here is how it works:

  • TELL US ABOUT YOUR SPACE. You will choose one space in your home and take measurements of the space and photo document it for us. We will provide you with our signature lifestyle questionnaire to fill out and submit to us.
  • YOUR DAY OF DESIGN. We will meet with you and work with you through design ideas for your space. We can address layout, color palettes, furniture styles, custom elements, anything you like. We will give you all of our best insights and ideas so that you have the basic sense of what your rooms need for getting to a WOW.
  • POST-MEETING EVALUATION. We will work through our resources and refine any elements of the plan we worked up together in your space and send you CAD floor plans, any selections made for you, and color swatches that you can match up to as you execute the project.
  • YOU HAVE A CHOICE. Some of the magic of design comes down to expert execution. If you decide after your day of design that you want our help to execute your plans, you can bring us on.

The basic day of design charge is $1950 for local projects. Additional services or rooms available at an extra charge.

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